Well today has been going rather well so far.

Korbyn is on the mend after having had tonsillitis over the weekend and is back at school today; and Kassia is still plowing through loads of homework with the demands of high school, juggling sport and music clubs as well as a rather busy social life.  She has been invited to go roller skating on Friday night at the High Wycombe Sport Centre and Korbyn is looking forward to his birthday party and of course his long awaited for pet, which at the ripe old age of 10 is something he gets to choose this year.  Of course he has chosen a budgie and is very excited about welcoming the new family member into the house and more importantly into his room (if he can find space to squeeze him/her in) lol.

Nikita and Ce’Nedra are heading our way this coming weekend to help celebrate Korbyn’s birthday.  Nikita is also going to take Kassia to Comicon on Saturday, so you can imagine how excited Kassia is.  Ce’Nedra has a few more driving lessons lined up with Moi to practice for the big test in November (not as exciting as going to Comicon tho 😉 ).  Chris and I are enjoying having our ‘own’ work spaces (we have shuffled the house around to accommodate our computers etc).  Nikita and Ce’Nedra are now official ‘travellers’ as they don’t actually have a bedroom at home anymore… sorry loves!  But it was a necessary decision as I was tired of camping my computer in the dining room.  Yay for private space!  Although I am so busy doing chores and other stuff I’ve hardly had time to appreciate it as yet.  I am sure it will get less hectic soon, or at least I hope so.

One of my projects that I have on the go at present, is the face painting website… I found a lovely programme called Muse and am busy updating the website – this has been very, very, very long overdue!  Yay for Muse.  I also found a scrapbooking ‘shop’ near to us and have put it on my to-do list to go and explore… so much to do, so little time!

I am now volunteering on Friday mornings at Kassia’s school helping in the development office (working with lovely Dana, who we know from the squash club).  Life is galloping along at a frenetic pace and I can’t help but feel the anxiety of a looming Christmas when I feel quite unprepared for the rate at which it is approaching.  I am trying not to think about it… firstly I have to get through a half term holiday, Korbyn’s birthday party (which I need to hurry up and book), Halloween and numerous school events before I start to panic. Ha ha.

Chris has been jet-setting again and has recently returned from Singapore.  I expect he will need to squeeze another trip in before Christmas, but nothing has been confirmed as yet.  He is trying to fit in a few squash games here and there.  I have started racketball training on Saturday mornings and play casual games of squash now and again.  My kung fu has been great, they are pressuring me to grade, but I am yet to feel confident enough for that.  Kassia is very happy as I have agreed to take her along to class as she had to sacrifice her karate lessons when she moved to High School.  We will see how fit she as she runs circles around me in class ha ha.

Well that is about it for now… God bless you all.




Ok so my idea of being more up-to-date on this blog has failed miserably.  I am taking full blame, my life is a shambles… what can I say? Well, I suppose it can be partly due to the fact that I am not working from home anymore lol… and partly because life is galloping by so rapidly that it is hard to stop it to take account of all that is happening at once.

I will not dwell on this failure for a moment more.  Here is what has been happening / going to happen in the near future with us and ours.  Chris is away today and tomorrow at a conference in Bournemouth and I am holding the fort.  We sprang into action early this morning, rounding up Karate kits and filling them with kiddies lol.  Yes Tuesday is Karate class before school and Kassia and Korbyn are usually at their sleepiest when having to do an early morning lol.  It wasn’t too bad though, they were on time and Chris was out of the door for his 2 1/2 hour drive South – also on time.  He borrowed Ash and had a great drive down there… it makes driving ‘such fun darling!’

His travels are probably going to pick up a bit in the next few months, already he has been scheduled for a Toronto / Maine trip in Feburary.  I am working out of new offices (M-Netics bought Unique ID), but despite the longer drive to get to work, it hasn’t been too bad… the office is very nice and the new bosses, staff etc, are too.  I am more ‘disorganised’ on the home front and will have to try harder to get things under control there… it is getting better slowly, but I do need some creative time lol.

Nikita and Ce’Nedra both got to sleep in a bit this morning.  It is usually a college day for Nedi, but she is heading up to Darby University for an interview (tomorrow). She will sleep overnight at Tais’ dorm room.  Nikita has a non-college day today and will be catching up with course work, watching TV and otherwise enjoying her day.

Kassia and Korbyn have choir today after school, so they begin early and end late.  Pick up 4.30pm.  Which leaves me time after work to do stuuffff in… ok maybe not today as I am feeling a bit dizzy (not sure if my ear is having issues or if my day just needed a new dimension (room tipping) lol.  I think I will head home for a quiet cuppa and a relax before having to collect our youngest family members.

Ok, so on to future events and happenings… as you probably already know, Nikita and Ce’Nedra are heading off to uni at the end of the year… it is looking like Wales for Nikita – studying Marine Biology (she has been offered a chance to achieve a scholarship from Aberystwyth university – requires 2 biology entrance exam passes). She is still working at the squash club as a part time job, and has begun Makey Cakey which is her little baking enterprise.  Ce’Nedra is going to study Graphic Design, but hasn’t quite decided where yet – it might be Portsmouth, Darby, London or a local one.  Through college, Ce’Nedra had the opportunity to enter a brand competition (designing logos for a company) and she won!  She is very happy and pottering along with the project.  She will receive £250 for landing the job.  Well done Nedi!  She is still doing her shifts at the Empire Cinema and has been in the running for supervisor (will find out soon if she got it).

Kassia has turned 11 on the 7th and has high school to look forward to at the end of the year.  One of the highlights of her year so far was hitting the 125 house point mark last term and she has achieved a merit badge for her efforts.  Very well done!  In sport she is still playing squash and cricket (county teams for both now), so she has practice and games for the clubs plus practice and games for the county in both lol.  Korbyn is loving his time in year 4 and I am sure it will fly by in a blink and won’t be long before we are going through the motions again with high school choices for him (but thankfully we have 2 years before that).   He has moved on from having a go at football (didn’t like it much) and is now playing rugby instead, which he is enjoying.

So you can imagine how much time Chris and I put in ferrying kids about lol… wish the girls would hurry up and get driving ;-), yes still waiting for that to happen!  It is always go, go, go at our house (or if you look at the kids, grow, grow, grow!), and I am sure the next few months are going to be no different.


RIP Goodbye Dad.  Love you forever!

My Dad, Michael, Mike, Grampa
What a wonderful man and an amazing father.  God bless you always.



Well I know this has become a sad blog, I have not had time to put effort into writing here, sorry !  I will let you all know what has been on the agenda lately though, a quick catch up if you will.

Chris is jet-setting to South Africa this week, he will be back again in a week’s time, we will miss him madly as usual.  He, on the other hand will be too busy braai’ing and eating all the nommy SA snacky bits lol.  I am still working at the same place, doing 4 days a week part time and the rest of the time I am taxi driver, nurse, scheduler, food technician, face painter, etc, etc.. you get the picture.

Nikita has been gadding about in Newbury for the past two weeks on her four week work experience stint – she is working at the Wolf Sanctuary there and staying with Michelle and Simon with their two delightful rug rats, JJ and Harry.  I am sure Michelle is doing her usual influence thing (‘Unse, Unse, Unse’ jumps to mind :-p)… no piercings, tattoos or such please Michelle! lol.  Ce’Nedra is going down to join in the fun in Newbury on the 17th I think – she will help babysit the boys and Michelle is taking them to a concert in London.  She has been busy working at the cinema still and enjoying ‘chilling’ with friends on and off through her holiday (yes they have been off college since June already).  Tais is doing lots of driving practice as she does her test on Monday next week!  Praying for her to be successful.  She leaves for Doha on the 15th where Petya has planned a trip to Dubai and Oman for them, sooo want to fit in Tais’ suitcase lol (40 deg heat)!  Ce’Nedra is also doing driving practice now (her theory has been booked and she will soon join Nikita and Tais with the driving test thing).  Lol soon I will have 3 more taxi drivers to hand hee hee!!

Kassia is very into her sport at the moment, she is doing squash training and is in the County squad for competitions too.  Lately she has begun playing cricket (stopped the gymnastics to focus more on squash and she finds another sport lol)… she was entered into a course at school and was asked to play a school match at the end of it.  The club that put on the course and hosted the match asked her to join their girl’s team for coaching.  Hence now we are affiliated to Aston Rowant Cricket Club and attend two sessions a week (6pm-8pm) and she has been chosen for two cricket competitions already (first next week Monday evening and one in Bristol on the 28th).  Such a sporty chick!  She is also doing well with her piano lessons and does choir at school too (sings ALL THE TIME at home).  She does Karate at school on Tuesday mornings, which I am told she is doing very well in it.  Academically she is flying and we hope to get her into a Grammar school next year.  She writes her 11+ test when they get back to school in September (entrance exam type thing).  So all go, go, go with her.

Korbyn is our techie child, he loves his iPad and computer.  He is still our almost vegetarian lol and we are hoping to get him a drum teacher for August or September.  He is loving his Karate class too and is eager to get there in the mornings, he throws his Gi on faster than the school clothes on a normal morning lol.  He is still practising riding his bicycle (Chris has been helping him with this), and is very excited that he put the swimming pool up this week.  He is doing well at school and has worked hard this last year, his teacher is very happy with him.  His friend Marshall is coming around this afternoon and he has set up his Skylanders in readiness and tidies his bedroom!  I was suitable shocked lol… the words ‘Korbyn’ and ‘Tidy Room’ are never in the same association in our house.

Well apart from getting a new hutch for Nibbles, my Mac computer dying and the usual day to day stuff, that is about all I can tell.


My Gran, Gertrude, Gerty, Granny Tortoise
What a Wonderful Life and an Amazing Lady
05/12/1918 – 12/04/2014 15h30

RIP – Love you forever…

Your 95 years and 2 months was a mammoth innings and we bid you farewell with sad hearts but joyful spirits knowing the depth of your faith and love – that same faith and love which you encouraged all your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to adopt. Thanks for this great inheritance for which you will be richly blessed – beyond your wildest imagination: 1 Cor 2:9 “But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” Until we meet again in the Heavenly realm……enjoy what has been prepared for you !!!!A lifetime of memories coins in the Christmas puds Gran so lovingly made, to picking up pecan nuts and all the knitting and crocheting. I remember the little metal birds we played with in the tree, the homes at Harcourt and Penzance full of love, family and baking. I remember homemade buttermilk rusks, yoghurt and soups, and the loving care that went into making our wedding cake and wool blankets. Icing lessons, your ornament cabinets in the lounge, your homemade soap bars and so much more.  I remember Poofty and Cuddles, the blue volla , and I remember the Steenbras you caught at Leisure Bay. I remember you pickling fish in consol jars, i remember the old black telephone in the den, I remember you feeding the tortoise, and I remember the coal fire in the lounge room warming the cold winter nights. I remember the bowls, and the old white Toyota, I remember the strawberries in the tubs in the garden, I remember your soft old bed, and the trinkets and toys with the family Bible in the lounge, but most of all Gran, most of all I remember your love.


Wow, so I have to work on this blog in future.  I know, things have been a tad whirl-wind-ish, what with Christmas and New Year and everything.  So I’ll give you a quick update on all things this side.

Christmas was fab as usual, we enjoyed a lovely break and spent time with the family.  But now we are all back at the grindstone for a new year of adventure and excitement!  We are still in Stokenchurch and nothing much has changed on the home front.  New year goals probably include: spending more time doing family outings, attending church and getting our dreams a little closer to fruition.

Big news I guess is that Ce’Nedra has finally broken her ‘no boys’ rule and has a new love in her life, Callum – he is lovely.  More on that later.  She also has a part time job now (at the local cinema), she is loving it and has been told that she will eventually get free tickets for movies when her probation period is up (for herself and family). She is doing really well at her college course too and enjoying it so much that she is handing in way more than is expected of her, hence her aim for distinction is going well.

Nikita and Richard are still enjoying a fab relationship and I am happy to report that he is still ‘amazeballs’ in Nikita’s eyes, ok and ours… he is still doing all the right things hee hee.  She is still working part time at the squash club and is in love with her college course too and is aiming for distinction too.  She comes home with amusing stories about her daily antics with the animals.  I secretly wish I was working at the college in her department (would love to work with all the animals)!

Kassia has had a few big adventures already this year, she turned 10 this week and our rule is no pets until 10, so as you can guess she got her first pet.  She has been wishing for a bunny since she was about 5, so you can imagine the excitement when Chris and I organised her new baby.  Nibbles is amazing as bunnies go, she is calm and loves to be petted and is soooo cute!  She has the whole family in love with her already.

Korbyn is now looking forward more than ever to his 10th birthday and already talking about his cockatiel lol.  So you can guess what we may be adding to the family in two years’ time.  He has had a great Christmas and enjoyed all the new bits to play with.  He has been invited to join in a socialisation session called the Lego club at school and as you can guess with Lego being one of his favourite toys he is very excited about starting.  He is looking forward to the Summer holidays already… he knows he gets more computer gaming time during the holidays hee hee, and with just one day back at school he has figured out that it eats into his gaming time lol.

Otherwise we are all looking forward to a great year filled with stax of scheduling (as usual lol) and enjoyable events…


Well I guess my blogging has to be categorised as sporadic.  There is nothing for it… I find it hard these days to get time to organise my thoughts let alone my life!  But having said that, I will fill you in on what has been happening over the last few days.

While the majority of people are at the beach with the kids or simply on holiday I am stuck in the office (boo hoo).  Chris has landed in South Africa and Ce’Nedra is still in Germany, this leaves Nikita, Kassia, Korbyn and I to make the most of UK.  The weather is iffy at best, sunny 30 degrees in between naff overcast and rain days.  Ah well I suppose being South African means we make the most of it all.

On Thursday last week I sat for the majority of the day in the hospital with Dad who needed some TLC (he is now recovering from the chest infection and looking a bit more chipper than last week).

Of course Friday was a special day, the fab other half celebrated his birthday with a BBQ on his new brontosaurus burger cooker gas thingamagig… aka gas BBQ cooker (by no means making him less Saffa – braai’s still on the agenda, just adopting the ‘when in UK do as UK do with the weather factor).  He was suitably spoilt by all and I think enjoyed himself thoroughly.

On Saturday I took Ce’Nedra to Lords Cricket Nursery Grounds and I face painted; we also watched cricket and counted the amount of looks and chattings-up that she received hee hee… she did look v pretty in my floaty Madrid top (which she borrowed as we dashed out the door lol – wardrobe crisis).  She was rather popular with all the good-looking  waiters who made it their mission to amble on the corridor just to stop and chat to her!  Very funny.  A good afternoon as I had time to enjoy the faces I painted and not only kiddie ones!

On Sunday I took Ce’Nedra to the shops to grab last minute Germany trip bits, after which I dashed home to organise the rest of the household for our trip to the bungalow in Felpham (Gary and Mandy’s).  Chris took Kassia and Korbyn to see Donovan and Crystal’s Kai as it was his birthday party while I caught up on all things washing and packing.  We left Chris and Ce’Nedra at home and drove to see Mandy and the boys at the bungalow (stayed there Sunday to Wednesday).  Despite the naff weather, we managed to do shopping (walked on the beachfront to the town in gale force winds hee hee – they blew Nikita backwards on her rollerblades if she stayed still); play on the beach; visit Pizza Hut; watch DVDs; play at the park, on the paddle boats and zip wire etc… a great few days.  We said goodbye to Ce’Nedra via phone on Tuesday as she headed off to Germany for the week.  She is spending the time with a friend (Kyra) who moved to Germany with her folks at the end of the school year.  Kyra’s folks invited a bunch of friends from the UK to fly over and spend the week with her.  The group is enjoying the sights and Ce’Nedra seems very bubbly when we chat on the phone so I gather the holiday is going well.

Yesterday was back at the office and after work I looked after the littles while Chris took Nikita for her written driver licence test and SHE PASSED!!  YAY.  A very happy, chuffed and glowing Nikita came home afterwards.  Now she just has to do her actual driving test and she’ll be good to go (about time! No more only Mom’s taxi hee hee).  Later we said goodbye to Chris who was heading to South Africa for a week visiting a new office out there (JHB).  Ce’Nedra is back on Tuesday and then we have Tais back on Wednesday and Chris back on Thursday next week (yay!).

Today I am taking the kids to the cinema with Fiona and her girls – her Alex’s birthday.  We are going to watch Smurfs 2.  Tomorrow will be squash and I am hoping to get stuff done around the house (preferably some gardening if the sun is out – need to work on a tan!!); and Sunday I am face painting again at RAF High Wycombe.  So a busy weekend ahead.

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